LG G3 Overview

The LG G3 is one of the most exciting smartphones to come out so far this year, thanks mainly to its super impressive 5.5 inch Quad HD display which delivers ultra-sharp images in 2,560 x 1,440 pixels.

The bezel-free and light weight metallic design makes the LG G3 stand out from the crowd and it also packs a punch inside with a quad-core 2.5GHz processor and 3GB RAM for enhanced multitasking and a 13 megapixel camera to capture those precious moments.

The LG G3 comes with 16GB or 32GB of internal storage and can be expanded via a microSD card slot and the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 makes sure that it’s strong and durable. All of your wireless connectivity needs are built in including Wi-Fi, NFC, infrared and GPS, as well as 4G and Bluetooth.

The LG G3 runs Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) so it runs the most up to date apps, all of which can be downloaded via Google Play. The G3 also has built-in wireless charging capability, providing a clutter-free way to charge the device.

LG has been playing catch-up over the past few years, but its latest offering has much to offer those looking for something a bit different. The LG G3 is available now on a range of mobile networks, from free on selected contracts.


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Near Field Communication – the future is nigh!

Near Field Communication or NFC for short has been around for many years, but it is only now with advances in mobile technology that we are seeing how this technology could help us in the future.

NFC allows small pieces of data to be transmitted between smartphones and other NFC enabled devices such as point of sale terminals and vending machines. It is already being used by companies all around the world as a payment method for small items and as a digital business card, but in the future it could so much more.

Analysts estimate that 50% of mobile phone users will have an NFC enabled device by the end of 2014, fuelling the development and innovation of the technology.

Some of the future uses for NFC include a cashless society where you would pay for your items by waving your mobile phone at an NFC enabled terminal, and NFC tags could even be embedded into hospital patients charts that could be accessed by the doctor or nurse to check on prescriptions and medical history to help them give the best care.

Possibly the most exciting use of the technology is the fact that NFC tags are becoming so small that they could be integrated into just about anything including movie posters sending you to the movies website, estate agent signs to give you information on a specific property and even clothes labels that could be used to find items that go with it or offer special discounts.

Another use for NFC that is becoming popular is in security locks, providing secure access to your property without the need for a key. NFC enabled key locks are already being utilised in hotels and businesses, and soon could become a reality for the home.

NFC technology has the capability to replace all your money, credit cards, keys and ID badges, as well as being used as an advertising or informational tool for businesses and educational establishments. Only time will tell if this technology will reach its full potential.

NFC Technology

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How to choose a mobile phone deal

When choosing a mobile phone deal it is important to remember that not all deals are created equal and, before making a choice, it would be wise to spend some time reading mobile phone deal reviews.

Which mobile phone deal is right for you?

Deals are structured in a number of ways.  You can choose from:

  • Pay as you go mobile phone deals (PAYG)
  • Contract mobile phone deals
  • SIM-only mobile phone deals.

Your choice of deal will very much depend on how you use your mobile phone.  Is your monthly bill generally quite high?  Do you make a lot of calls, or do you spend more time on the internet?  How often do you text? Answering these questions will help you to decide which type of deal you want to select.

Pay as you go mobile deals

PAYG deals offer a degree of freedom as they do not require you to sign a contract or a direct-debit agreement.  They are a great choice if you are a light user and generally spend no more than £10 to £15 a month on your mobile phone usage.  The downside is that you cannot make outgoing calls or send text messages if your credit runs out.

Contract mobile deals

This is a great choice of mobile deal if you are looking to get a new, high-end mobile phone, or if you use your mobile phone a lot.  In general, you commit to a contract of 12, 18 or 24 months.  You will pay a monthly fee by direct debit and deals can be structured in a way that suits your usage patterns.

SIM-only mobile deals

The SIM-only deal is perfect for users who do not need a new handset.  This can be structured with inclusive minutes, data, etc. much like a contract deal, but the duration is much shorter and it is cheaper since you get no handset.

mobile phone deals

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Nokia Lumina 1520

The latest offering from Nokia is the Lumina 1520, which is a Windows 8 handset. It’s due out in December and comes with a nice bit of kit inside, including a Snapdragon™ processor plenty of storage and an amazing 20MP camera.

It’s not a small handset by any means, the dimensions are:

Height: 162.8 mm

Width: 85.4 mm

Thickness2: 8.7 mm

Weight: 209 g

However the size does allow a 6″ Full HD (1920 x 1080) crystal clear screen. This handset may be more in phablet territory but it’s still really useful as a phone. As mentioned it has a Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 800 processor with Quad-core 2.2 GHz which makes it extremely powerful Handy when you run the built in Microsoft Office and Sky Drive. But also the Xbox software.

There is plenty of storage with this handset, considering all the Microsoft Office work you may need to use it for including Excel Spreadsheets and other documents it’s good to know you have space. It has 2GB of RAM, Mass Memory of 32GB and an expandable memory card option of up to 64GB using micro SD. Plus the cloud storage of 7GB also helps.

Cameras are an important aspect too many handsets now, the Nokia Lumina 1520 comes with an impressive 20MP camera. It has optical image stabilisation and Pro, Smart and Video cameras as one so it is easy to chop and change. You also get some nifty add on apps including: Cinemagraph lens, Bing vision, PhotoBeamer, Creative Studio, Nokia Camera.

The Nokia Lumina 1520 has been designed so you are able to share anything over all your windows devices, from photos to emails, videos and games. It’s a great option for anyone who wants a multipurpose phone, not just something to make calls on.


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Can you disconnect on holiday?

handsetsWith the advent of the mobile, smartphone and tablet it is becoming harder and harder for people to switch off and disconnect from the internet. For many people, those who can’t disconnect on holiday this is a real bug bear.

We all know the passengers who switch on their phones, barley after the seatbelt safety signs switch off when we land. Then those glued to their handset when they should really be relaxing or enjoying their surroundings.

Problems with always being connected means some people end up doing work on holiday, spending time answer emails, something in the past would have been left until their return. Some physiologists believe that some people end up feeling out of control if they can’t get online; we have become so used to the internet and accessing it so easily that when we can’t some people can have a breakdown.

Addictions to Facebook or other social networking sites are linked to people feeling like they are missing out if they don’t check these signs, no matter where they are at the time or if they are doing something far better.

Instagram envy and Facebook envy is a very real problem, many people complain about their friends posting countless holiday snaps whilst they are away. It may be annoying but one of the main reasons people get the hump about this is that we are actually jealous. Most people used to have to wait until they returned to bore us all with their holiday snaps, however now we get to see them minutes after they are taken.

If you’re travelling with someone who is unable to disconnect, it might be worth booking a holiday somewhere with no internet connection and poor phone signal and force them to go cold turkey. Alternatively you can lob their phone in the pool if it all becomes a bit too much, but that might have to be a last resort.

It seems hard to remember a time when on holiday people didn’t have an electronic device in their hands, tapping away.


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LG Optimus Black

The LG Optimus Black was released to the public in May 2011. It is one of the lightest phones available, weighing just 109g. The touchscreen measures four inches and the phone has both a 3.5mm headphone jack and a loudspeaker option. For playing music there is internal storage of 2 GB but this can be expanded with the use of a micro SD card. The radio on the phone is a stereo FM radio.

Connecting to the internet is not a problem with the LG Optimus Black as it is compatible with a number of Wi-Fi options and the phone can also connect to a computer via the micro USB connection.

As many people are now using their phones to take photos the camera is a very respectable 5.0 Megapixels and has an autofocus feature as well as an LED flash. The camera also has face and smile detection modes, making it easier to take a great photo.

The phone is available in a variety of colours including black, silver, pink and white and the battery provides up to 6 hours of talk time.

Why not also check out the latest LG handsets with the LG Prada 3.0 review too before you make a decision.

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The Sony Xperia S

Announced this year at CES 2012, with some fan-fare the Sony Xperia S does pack some punch, in a time where really few handsets have come out and made an impression on us the consumer. Sony have built on what they know, but moving forward from Ericsson. The handset still looks distinctly Sony, with its curved back and plastic strip separating its buttons from the main screen, plus the S has a real solid well-built feel to it.

The main gripe people have with touchscreen phones is the slow response, luckily this is now being considered important by manufacturers and more time and resource has gone into this. Luckily for Sony their Xperia S is very touch responsive, something Sony is exclaiming about this handsets and it does seem quicker than many of their rivals. The S comes with a 4.3 inch screen which offers 720p HD resolution and showcases videos really well. It also has a 12MP camera which again is up there with some of the best.

Inside you will find a 1.5GHz processor and 32GB of storage, which is up there with many of the top of the range handsets available at the moment. It also has a HDMI-out port and NFC support.  On the operating side of it, the Xperia S when it launches in March will come with Android 2.3, however an update to 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich, will follow shortly.

So far O2 and Three have stated that they will be offering the Sony Xperia S although other will probably follow suit nearer the time. There are other handsets out there if you cannot wait till march so why not check out some other mobile phone reviews.

Sony Xperia S

Sony Xperia S

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New Nokia Handsets

Nokia has finally released its weel-awaited windows phones-the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710.The Lumia 800 is Nokia’s “flagship Windows Phone smartphone”  and is thought to be a direct competitor to phones such as Apple’s iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S II. Tough competition.

The phone has a variety of specific features, in a nutshell the Lumia 800 has: a 3.7-inch display, 1.4GHz single-core processor, Eight-megapixel camera complete with Carl Zeiss optics and an LED flash with a Windows Phone 7.5 operating system.

The phone has an up-to-date and fashionable look, as well as being light weight and can easily be fitted in your pocket.

The Lumia 710, however, is being pitched as Nokia’s more ‘affordable’ version of the Lumia 800 Windows smartphone. Due to the lower price, it has a less-impressive key features list. However, it is still fantastic.

The Lumia 710 also has a 3.7-inch screen, a single-core 1.4GHz processor and a Windows Phone 7.5 operating system. However, the camera is only five-megapixels. The Lumia 710′s camera doesn’t benefit from Carl Zeiss optics. This version comes with 8GB of on-board storage. However, this can be increased easily by adding a memory card.

Both phones have a dedicated sat-nav feature, as they feature ‘Nokia Maps’ and the’ Nokia Drive’ applications.

The Nokia phones also include impressive Music apps that include a feature called Mix Radio. This offers a variety of streamed playlists, updated weekly, that can be saved to your device for offline listening for no charge.

Nokia Pulse is also another new app that’s exclusive to Nokia’s Lumia range of phones, a type of super-text messaging. Messages can be sent to groups of friends and instantly geo-tagged.

This phone has also recently been referred to as a ‘gamer’s best friend’. If you’ve got an Xbox account, you can integrate your phone into it. This means that you are able to: check when your Xbox friends are online, make changes to your avatar and keep tabs on your achievements. Also, you can also download games to play on the move..

Both the Lumia’s combine all of your social networks, so Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and your chat and text messages all show up in the same place in a single conversation- it’s brilliant!

Nokia Lumina 800

Nokia Lumina 800

Nokia Lumina 710

Nokia Lumina 710

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